Class Schedule & Tuition




I am on an extended sabbatical. Please check back for updates about future offerings. Thank you,




5 class card $55 (expires in 6 weeks from first use)


10 class card $100 (expires 7 week from first use)


  • Drop-in $13

bring cash, check, or card to class.

checklist for your first class:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that can stretch as you move. 
  • Come on an empty stomach (no big meals for 2 hours before class -light snacks are fine).
  • Come clear and open – no drugs or alcohol please.
  • Bring payment as cash, check or card (a small fee added is to card payments).
  • Bring your signed and completely filled out liability release (or come early to fill one out at the studio).
  • Bring a yoga mat (we have a couple of mats to loan out, but it is best to invest in your own practice mat).
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up and settle in. The building will be open 15-20 minutes before class begins.
  • Entrance is through the middle of the building – go up the spiral staircase.
  • If you need to change before class, there are two bathrooms available for use.
  • Parking is plentiful: in the lot on the east side of the building (toward table rock).

Copy of Liability release: Liability Release

please print, fill out, and bring to class. Or arrive early to fill one out at the studio.

Also, please download and read this document before attending your first class: PRACTICE NOTES FOR BEGINNERS

Yoga Etiquette and Good Practices

Before Class

•   Arrive a few minutes before class begins.  If you must arrive late, please wait quietly at the back until the class finishes the centering practice, which happens at the beginning of each class.

•   Please bring your own mat to class. Although there are a couple of loaner mats available, it is a good idea to practice using your own personal mat for both sanitary and energetic reasons.

•   Inform your teacher of any injuries or concerns you may have.

•   Be aware of good hygiene to keep the practice space clean and welcoming.  No strong perfumes, please.

•   Unless you have a special need, please turn off your cellphone before class begins.

During Class

•   Leave your competitive nature at home.  Honor your inner voice and your edge.

•   In keeping with the yogic principle of “Saucha” (clarity, purity), set your mat out in an even and orderly fashion and avoid ‘camping out’, i.e. having jackets, bags, etc. clustered around you.  This helps to maintain clarity of alignment in the room, which in turn helps to create clarity and alignment in the body and mind.

•   Keep your awareness on your breath and your practice.  Guide your focus inward.  Avoid looking around too much.  Avoid too much chatting with other students.

•   Have a light heart and a good time.  Laugh at your teacher’s – jokes even if they are not funny!

•   Leave time for a good Savasana (relaxation pose) at the end of class.  If you have to leave early, let your teacher know and take your own Savasana before you go.  Do not leave during the class Savasana so as to not disturb this time of stillness.

After Class

•   Please return all props neatly to their appropriate place.  Take time to re-fold blankets neatly.

•   Move slowly and with awareness to maintain the vibrancy and stillness you have gained during class.

•   Breathe and offer the fruits of your practice outward to all you encounter.

Sliding Scale Tuition:

At Desert Bloom Yoga we offer sliding scale tuition options to make quality yoga instruction accessible to all regardless of income:

sliding scale for 90 minute class: $5-12

  • please talk to your teacher if you are considering using the sliding scale option


Refunds will be given for specialty workshops and events at 90% up to five days before the beginning of the event. No refund will be given thereafter.
No Refund issued after first use of class passes.

(if unexpected life circumstances prevent you from using your class pass, please contact me to make other arrangements)