Private Sessions

Private sessions with me are a co-created practice. We meet and discuss what is happening in your body, your life or your internal experience. We use any of these pertinent elements to design a practice to attend to your specific health goals and practice aim. It is your time and your practice to come home to your body, mind and heart.

I draw on techniques of visualization, vivid sensory awareness, somatic movement, biomechanical and energetic principles of alignment, poetry, imagery, sound and vibration, yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation.

These sessions are perfect for:

  • Busy Times ~ schedule at your convenience with the option for regular sessions to keep you on track with your practice even through the busy-ness of life
  • Therapeutic Benefits Focus ~ modify the practice in times of injury, or for chronic conditions; receive instruction for your particular body pattern and experience
  • Personal Practice ~ learn to guide yourself through a practice at home to gain maximum benefit from your yoga practice. I will provide print-outs of sequences for your guidance when appropriate. Attend to your own home practice.
  • Refine Understanding ~ enjoy an open forum for discussion of the questions that may arise during a practice; deepen your awareness of key alignment principles to feel the fine-tuning of the song of your body/mind/heart.
  • Build Regularity ~ the practices are most effective when performed steadily, for a long period of time, and with devotion. Receive the support of your own flexible practice schedule, individualized instruction and tracking of progress and development.

I like to say that there are as many styles and types of Yoga practice as there are people in the World. No two bodies respond exactly the same to the practices. The personalized instruction of a private session allows for a uniquely responsive exploration of your experience of embodiment.

Awaken   ~   Enliven   ~   Radiate

Price Scale:

$65 for 60 minute session

$90 for 90 minute session

These sessions take place at the studio (7151 Emerald St.) or in your own home. For sessions in your home or at an alternate location there may be an additional fee for travel, if outside of the Boise area. Please call or email for more information.

Book your private session now:

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