Class Descriptions

All Levels Yoga

Taught with emphasis on both form and flow. Alignment-based sequences to unfold the intelligence pervading the human form. Breath guidance with playful flow, imagery, poetry, inspiration and an emphasis on the human body as a teacher and sacred space for transformation. Sanctuary to reveal each persons’ human gift of integrity, respect and beauty.

Passion Barter ~ Community Class

All Levels class that includes dynamic movement, breath awareness, intelligent alignment focus, and good company.

Bring your passion as trade for class: a song, a piece of poetry to read, fresh flowers, etc…. be creative and offer from who you are. You may also use class card, cash, check, or card.

Yoga Foundations
A journey through the foundations of a safe and healthy yoga practice. We will look at the essential basics of practice that can aide any practitioner whether new to yoga or practicing for decades.

Open to all levels who wish to refine the foundations of their practice.

ABC Yoga

*offered periodically as a series*

“Absolute Beginner Class”
This introductory series is for the absolute beginner or anyone wanting a step-by-step review of the basics. Build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of yoga postures, breathing, and alignment.

A friendly, fun and informative introduction to the practices of yoga. Begin a practice of health and well-being!

Restorative Yoga

In a restorative yoga practice we use props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support the body. In this way, we remain in the posture for long periods of time. Staying gently alert, the body can relax completely into the support of the props. In these deeply restful states your body has the opportunity to heal itself – cells can regenerate, waste can be eliminated and effects of chronic stress and fatigued can gradually be reversed.